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LaView Partners with InstallerNet to offer Surveillance Systems Solution

NORTH ANDOVER, MA (November 3rd , 2016)
LaView, a leading manufacturer of user-friendly surveillance systems for homes and businesses, has announced a partnership with InstallerNet, a Boston-based company that coordinates installation of consumer and commercial electronic products. Now LaView customers will have the option to have their NVR or DVR surveillance system professionally installed using InstallerNet's vast network of certified installers distributed across the United States.

LaView customers who choose to have their surveillance products professionally installed for them will be able to schedule a convenient time online or by calling InstallerNet directly. InstallerNet will then select a local installer from its network and coordinate the appointment for the customer. Installation can be tailored to each customer's unique requirements and may include hardware setup, camera mounting, and cable runs in addition to network connectivity and configuration of remote viewing on smartphones, tablets, and computers. All installers selected for LaView customers will have been trained specifically on the installation of LaView products.

"We pride ourselves on our DIY surveillance systems, which are easily configurable and highly customizable. However, we recognize that there are certain things like climbing up on rooftops, hiding cables, etc. that many customers would welcome skilled help with. We are experts in surveillance products, not home improvement or beautification pros after all," explains Peter Chan, VP of Operations at LaView. "You can think of it like coffee – everyone can make their own, but some people want the experience of a professional barista brewing a perfectly made drink for them. Quality installation services are now going to be a conveniently accessible option for our customers who want it, and it's just another great reason to choose LaView."

Regarding the partnership, Bill Ali, SVP of Sales and Marketing for InstallerNet states, "We are very pleased to have partnered with LaView to ensure their customers have the best product experience possible. We are looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with LaView."

About LaView
LaView is a U.S.-based company specializing in network video surveillance for homes and businesses. A full range of high definition surveillance products are offered, including DVRs, NVRs, and cameras with pre-built setups and customized setups available to purchase.

About InstallerNet
InstallerNet is a widely established installation solutions provider, partnered with retailers, manufacturers, and installers across the United States. With the nation's largest network of installers and its patented customer-friendly InstallCard, InstallerNet provides consumers with easy access to reliable professional installation.

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Bill Ali
SVP – Sales and Marketing

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