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InstallerNet’s SVP interviewed at CES on the growing demand for Pro-Install on DIY products.


Bill Ali
SVP – Sales and Marketing

NORTH ANDOVER, MA (February, 2016)
We see a growing demand by customers for professional installation services because of the increasing complexity of connecting more products that support different protocols and platforms. Not all customers want to set-up their smart home systems themselves because they are time constraint and may not have the skills or tools to complete the installation for optimized performance. However, manufacturers will continue to position their products as DIY (do-it-yourself) in the hopes of attracting more customers and to drive broader adoption with a better price point.
”System Integrators Benefit from Growing (DIY) Home Security and Automation Markets”
From InstallerNet’s perspective, we expect strong growth of smart home and security products to continue in the near term and installation services will be an important part of facilitating product and service adoption. Many companies are focusing their strategy on the security features of smart devices as one of their key value proposition and we anticipate the competition to accelerate given the appeal of RMR (recurring monthly revenue). The home automation categories including energy management, safety and convenience will also contribute to the overall growth. However, confusion among consumers still hinders the significant market growth that many had projected. We believe exponential growth will occur when more customers segments identify smart home solutions that can create value by enabling their lifestyle and the purchase path to those solutions are simplified to make quick informed decisions.

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