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InstallerNet and Plumchoice combining their strengths in remote and onsite technical services.

LAS VEGAS NV, January 05, 2015 Two leaders in the IoT services ecosystem today announce they are combining their strengths in remote and onsite technical services to empower manufacturers, retailers and solution providers to deliver on the promise of connected devices. PlumChoice, Inc. and InstallerNet, Inc. will demonstrate their new customer-lifecycle technical support offering, >Connected Lifestyle Services, at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, in the North Hall booth 2102, from January 6th through the 9th.

Connected Lifestyle Services provide technical support for the full customer lifecycle, enabling sales, installation and onboarding, and ongoing support that increase basket sizes and average revenue per user (ARPU), minimize returns, secure adoption and usage, and enhance the customer experience, facilitating greater lifetime value. These services are available for a range of connected and smart home devices that may be used remotely and in the home. Connected Lifestyle Services will be offered for the first time to U.S. Cellular’s OnLook™ Digital System connected home customers starting this February.

Typical >Connected Lifestyle Services include:

  • Guided purchase assistance with expert advice
  • “Do it for me” (DIFM) and “do it yourself” (DIY) installation
  • Product/application/service activation and onboarding
  • Product demonstration and usage training
  • Interoperability and integration within existing technical environments
  • System design and optimization
  • Break/fix diagnoses and remediation
  • Ongoing technical advice, usage expansion and support

“An overwhelming number of connected devices will be announced this week, but there’s a critical piece missing from these conversations: Who will help consumers install, configure, use and interconnect these innovations? Connected devices and applications are useless without the convenience, simplicity and control they promise,” said Paul Weichselbaum, executive vice president of PlumChoice, the leading specialized technical services provider in optimizing the benefits consumers and small companies derive from their personal technology experiences. “Together, InstallerNet and PlumChoice will free brands of this ‘thing makers’ dilemma’ so they can focus on product innovation and incubation, while ensuring that their customers receive the specialized technical support and services they need to enjoy and gain value from their connected products from the point of purchase.”

The team at InstallerNet, a leader in coordinating the installation of consumer and commercial electronics through the largest network of independently owned mobile and home electronics installers in the United States, said these services will span the connected home and car markets, and be beneficial to many of the company’s existing clients.

“In the age of the IoT, installation and adoption have become challenging barriers to entry for retailers, service providers and manufacturers,” said Anthony Frangiosa, president and CEO of InstallerNet. “Connected Lifestyle Services will help them protect their brands while delivering differentiated pre-sales consultation, installation, onboarding and ongoing support. This unique InstallerNet and PlumChoice solution will allow any partner to scale while meeting customer expectations. It will increase revenue, minimize returns and deliver better brand experiences — a win-win for connected consumers and the brands that sell connected products and services.”

PlumChoice will join InstallerNet at CES booth 2102 in the North Hall. To schedule a meeting or demo, or learn about Connected Lifestyle Services, visit

About PlumChoice

Fortune 1000 manufacturers, retailers, telcos, cable providers, and software companies partner with PlumChoice to deliver highly differentiated customer experiences to consumers and SMBs through white-labeled technical support solutions that span the entire technology lifecycle. PlumChoice works with end users to install, configure, connect, enhance and fix both software and hardware products, and integrates numerous products within larger technical and connected home environments. The company is purpose-built to deliver exceptional customer experiences by way of its unique sales model, user-focused service delivery processes and proprietary support optimization technology. These capabilities enable a continuum of technical services, an “Internet of Services,” around the complex and heterogeneous technical environments born from the Internet of Things.

About InstallerNet

InstallerNet is an installation solutions provider for the consumer electronics industry delivering content, technology, services, and logistics to retailers, manufacturers and installers. The company specializes in merchandising and coordinating consumer electronics installation services through the nation’s largest network of independently owned mobile and home electronics installers. It has developed a unique approach to better merchandise services through its branded or private-label InstallCard that allows retailers to sell professional services like a gift card, or product manufacturers to give their customers the option by inserting a card in-the-box. With a proprietary workforce management system to support web-based scheduling and over-the-phone call-center support, InstallerNet can provide the complete package to meet and exceed customer expectations.

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